Greater confidence on rugged descents. Power and agility for technical climbs. The new TRX WheelSystem features Wide Guard technology to soak up impacts and drastically reduce pinch flats. A broad 30mm inner rim width and robust 5mm sidewalls allow you to run lower tire pressures for better traction and control when things get rowdy. The optimized carbon layup of the rims minimizes weight, and a 72-tooth hub delivers instant engagement—so you can climb and accelerate with power and speed.

Key Performance Factors


New Wide Guard rim technology features a broad 30mm inner rim width and a robust 5mm sidewall to reduce the risk of impact punctures. In lab tests, these composite rims showed a 29.6% improvement in puncture protection over the previous generation TRX WheelSystem.


The combination of wider composite rims and the new 5mm thick sidewall allow you to run much lower tire pressure without the need of heavy tire inserts. The result is better grip and control on rough, technical trails.


Lightweight composite rims combined with an industry-leading 72-tooth pawl driver results in rapid power transfer and acceleration. The rear hub’s oversized drive-side hub body bearing, axle and ring nut combine with the enlarged pawls to increase stiffness and durability.



Combining durability and efficiency, the TRX WheelSystem features a new 5mm wide rim-edge design to strengthen the wheel, reduce pinch flats and allow lower tire pressure for better traction and control. Optimized carbon layup provides a robust yet lightweight structure and pairs with a 72-tooth hub to maximize power transfer.

TRX WheelSystem with interactive tooltips

Techs & Features

Optimized Carbon Lay-Up
Dynamic Balanced Lacing
Wide Guard Technology
Hookless Rim Design