Proven under the most demanding conditions by Giant Factory Off-Road Team racers, the new TRA WheelSystem boasts Wide Guard technology to reduce the risk of rim damage and pinch flats. A broad 30mm inner rim width and thick 5mm rim walls allow you to run lower tire pressures for better traction without the need for heavy tire inserts. Hollow rim wall construction minimizes weight, and a 72-tooth hub offers instant engagement to help you power through technical sections.

Key Performance Factors


New Wide Guard rim technology features a broad 30mm inner rim width and a robust 5mm sidewall to reduce the risk of impact punctures. In lab tests, these lightweight alloy rims showed a 29.6% improvement in puncture protection over previous generation alloy TR WheelSystems.


The combination of wider alloy rims and the new 5mm thick sidewall design allow you to run much lower tire pressure without the need of heavy tire inserts. The result is better grip and control on rough, technical trails.


Lightweight alloy rims combined with an industry-leading 72-tooth pawl driver results in rapid power transfer and acceleration. The rear hub’s oversized drive-side hub body bearing, axle and ring nut combine with the enlarged pawls to increase stiffness and durability.



Featuring race-proven durability and efficiency, the new TRA boasts a hollow 5mm wide rim edge design for added strength, a reduced risk of pinch flats, and lower tire pressure for more traction and control. Lightweight alloy rims and a 72-tooth hub help maximize power transfer and get you down the mountain faster.

TRA WheelSystem with interactive tooltips

Techs & Features

Dynamic Balanced Lacing
Wide Guard Technology
Hookless Rim Design