Road.CC Award All-New Defy Advanced SL 0 9/10 Rating

31 October 2023


Road.CC Writer, Mat Brett, describes the superlight and silky smooth Defy Advanced SL 0 as “one of those bikes where you just can't wait for the next ride” in his latest 9/10 review.

This endurance road bike was built with Sportives and Gran Fondos in mind; and Brett noted how this “superbly comfortable endurance bike” doesn’t leave you feeling “shaken about, even when the road surfaces are shot to bits”.

Brett described this “smooth-riding machine” as “sparky, lively” and “exceptionally comfortable and practical for year-round riding”.

Acknowledgments were made to the D-shaped composite post that allows for up to 7mm of movement to absorb shocks; alongside the Contact SLR Handlebar that “helps to absorb vibration on rougher roads”.

This ultralight carbon endurance road bike boasts the CADEX 36 Disc WheelSystem, which were described as light, tight, quick and supple wheels that provide a “sure and solid grip in a wide variety of conditions”.

Brett also described this lightweight endurance bike as a “delight” as it accelerated out of corners like a TCR, with the lack of weight “apparent on the climbs too”.

The Defy Advanced SL is much stiffer than you might expect from an endurance bike”, expressed Brett throughout his review, describing it as “sharp and reactive”.

Comfort is key and the Defy Advanced SL 0 goes above and beyond in delivering a smooth and comfortable ride. The Road.CC Writer paid compliments to the Giant Fleet SLR saddle as he found it “supportive and comfy over rides of several hours”.

From a price perspective, Brett noted that the Defy Advanced SL 0 “offers a very good value against direct competitors”, and explained that other options are available within the range that offer “killer value” such as the Defy Advanced 1.

Overall, Brett concluded that this “super-high build” is a “lovely option for those who want a bike that responds like a race machine with a bit of extra comfort thrown in”.

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